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Amazon Aurora

Cloud based relational database that is fully compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Amazon Aurora has the speed and availability of a commercial database at a tenth of the price.

High Performance
Amazon Aurora boasts a throughput that is 5 times that of MySQL and 3 times that of PostgreSQL. This level of performance falls in the ranks of commercial databases and has the ability to scale with your needs.

99.99% Availability
With 99.99% availability, users data is copied 6 times across 3 different locations to protect data against hardware failures or power outages. Data is backed up constantly to Amazon S3 with the ability to revert to an earlier version of the data within seconds.

Fully Compatible
Compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL, users are able to effortlessly migrate their MySQL and PostgreSQL utilizing the same import/export tools or snapshots. Code, drivers, applications, and tools that are already being used can also be used with Aurora with little to no change.

Migrating your databases to Amazon Aurora is simple with many support tools to help with the process. If Amazon RDS is being used, creating a snapshot and launching an Aurora instance using that snapshot is all that is needed. Those using Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server can use the AWS Database Migration Service to complete the migration.
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