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Amazon Databases

Amazon offers many free services that empower users to construct, deploy, and run cloud-based database applications. Take advantage of these offerings to reduce costs, scale, and innovate faster.

Purpose Built Databases
Users can choose from over 15 purpose-built databases engines ranging from relational, document, key-value, in-memory, time series, graph, ledger databases, and wide column.

High Performance
Amazon's relational databases are much quicker than competing alternatives, up to 3-5X. Non-relational databases are also marked by high performance with microsecond to sub-millisecond latency.

Managed, Secure & Available
AWS databases are fully managed allowing users to focus their efforts on development. High levels of security and availability are offered as these databases are built for business-critical, enterprise workloads.

Free Product Offerings
Utilize the plethora of free product offerings to build database solutions including Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, AWS Database Migration Service, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon MemoryDB, and Amazon DocumentDB.
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