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Amazon VPC

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows for total control over your virtual network. From connectivity, resource placement, to security, define and configure your network as you see fit without the need for VPNs, datacenters, or hardware.

Network Security
In this isolated virtual network you have the ability to monitor flow logs, create security groups that function as a firewall for Amazon EC2 instances, setup network access control lists, and track connections.

Custom Configuration
Amazon VPC allows for complete customization of your network. You are able to select your own range for IP addresses, create public and private-facing subnets, and configure route toubles to route traffic to specific instances.

AWS Resources
Amazon offers many resources that can be added to your VPC. These include EC2 and RDS instances, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Private Link ,AWS Network Firwall, AWS VPN, Network address translation gateway, and others.
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