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Amazon DynamoDB

Run applications at any scale using Amazon DynamoDB. This serverless, fully managed, key-value NoSQL database is able to handle over 10 trillion requests each day while keeping your data secure and backed up.

App Performance
Build and launch applications that can support user-content metadata and caches for millions of users with single-digit millisecond performance. This is possible through supporting both key-value and document data models and having a fully managed in-memory cache.

DynamoDB can automatically scale to whatever capacity is needed withouth the need manage, provision, or patch servers or install, operate, or maintain software. On-demand and provisioned capacity modes are availalbe depending on how predictable workloads will be.

Secure Data
All user data is encrypted at rest using encryption keys to secure your data. DynamoDB also offers on-demand backup and restore as well as point-in-time recovery to protect against accidental write or delete operations.
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